Beauregard Memorial Hospital History

In 1946, several of the town’s leaders met to discuss building a hospital for the city.  This hospital was to meet the growing needs of the citizens for surgical facilities and medical care involving hospital stays of a week or more.  The group connected with the Louisiana Baptist Convention to establish Beauregard Memorial Baptist Hospital. 

Beauregard Memorial Baptist Hospital opened its doors in 1950, with 28 beds. Only three physicians served the citizens of DeRidder at the opening of the hospital.   The population of DeRidder and Beauregard Parish continued growing, and in 1959 the hospital had a total of 63 beds.  With additional construction being completed in 1968, adding beds to have a total of 84 medical/surgical beds and four labor and delivery beds, the need for a new business office, board room and patient beds were on the horizon as the population continued to grow.

With continued growth of the area, advances in medical technology, and increasingly stringent safety regulations imposed upon health care facilities it became apparent in the early 1970’s that a new and modern hospital was a necessity. 

The Board of Trustees asked that the hospital be released from the Louisiana Baptist Convention so that other sources could be explored for funding the construction of a new hospital.  The Louisiana Baptist Convention released the hospital to the Existing Board of Trustees in November of 1975.  The word “Baptist” was deleted from the hospital name and the Board expanded from nine to fourteen to include members from other denominations.

The Police Jury was asked to assist in securing funds for a new facility and in April of 1977 the citizens of Beauregard Parish voted a bond issue in the amount of $3,680,000.  Beauregard Memorial received $3,180,000 of this money and a loan was secured from FHA for $3,500,000.  Construction started in July of 1978, and was completed in early 1980.

Beauregard Memorial Hospital has grown immensely since its humble beginnings           Today Beauregard Memorial Hospital is a modern, technologically advanced medical facility
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