Your admission to Beauregard Memorial Hospital began at the request of your physician, who is a member of the Active Medical Staff. Emergency Room Admissions and Direct Admissions are completed at the Admission Desk in the Emergency Room Waiting Area. Outpatient and Same Day Surgery Admissions are completed in the Outpatient/Same Day Surgery area located in the rear of the hospital.

On completion of the admission process, an identification bracelet will be placed on your arm. For your safety we ask that you wear it for the length of your hospital stay. You will also be required to sign several forms to consent to treatment. You will be assigned a room according to the medical care you are to receive. If your condition permits, we may show you to different departments to begin your testing before going to your room.

Our experienced admissions team is happy to help assist you with the completion of the required forms and documents

What to Bring:

All patients should bring insurance identification cards, social security number and any pertinent information when they are admitted. Personal items such as pajamas or gown, robe, slippers and toiletries should be brought from home. It is against safety regulations to bring any electrical appliances including radios, hair dryers, electric shavers, and coffee pots into the hospital. Since the hospital does not accept responsibility for loss of personal items, we request that you do not bring jewelry, money, or other valuables.