During Your Stay

General Information:

Your doctor is a member of our active medical staff. He is not an employee of the hospital. Your doctor is responsible for your treatment and will coordinate your care with the hospital staff members. Normally, your physician will check your progress daily. If you should have any questions about your care, please discuss them with your nurse.

Patients are encouraged to participate fully in their medical treatments and care. You and your family are considered an integral member of the health care team. During the initial nursing admission assessment, the nurse will provide an overview of important information. He/she will demonstrate how to safely use the electrical bed and other electrical equipment. You will be encouraged to remind all healthcare workers to wash their hands before and after your care and to check your identification bracelet before administering medications and treatments. The nurse will ask if you have a living will or durable power of attorney for healthcare. If you do not, information will be supplied upon request to help you understand this advanced directive.

The nurse call light is located on the TV control, which is accessible from the bed. For your safety, call a nurse if you need help getting in or out of the bed or a chair. There is a nurse call light button located in the bathroom.