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The Out-Patient Diagnostic Services arsenal at BMH is most impressive. At Beauregard Memorial we strongly believe advanced technology is key in accurate diagnosis.  That’s why we’re the first in the region to offer GE’s Lightspeed, 128-Slice CT, which even allows our Cardiologist to evaluate the arteries of the heart, in a manner that is less invasive and less time-consuming. 

Beauregard Memorial Hospital is also home to the Lunar DEXA bone densitometer. The bone densitometer uses small amounts of x-ray to produce images of the spine or hip, and can help detect bone loss associated with osteoporosis early, before it causes fractures. BMH's trained professionals use the Selena digital mammography unit from Hologic. Digital Mammography incorporates revolutionary imaging technology that provides incredibly sharp images.

Additionally, Beauregard Memorial Hospital uses the state-of-the-art nuclear medicine system; the Millennium MG System. The Millennium MG takes Beauregard Memorial Hospital into the next generation of accuracy and has a number of unique capabilities designed to improve the quality of results. BMH also has the capability to provide 3 and 4 dimensional sonography (ultrasound), and houses the EXCELART MRI system for Beauregard-Vernon MRI.

  Advanced technology helps our imaging department diagnose very accurately    Our trained professionals in Imaging can diagnose with less invasive methods    Our revolutionary imaging technology provides incredibly sharp images