Wound Care

The American Academy of Wound Management (AAWM) is dedicated to the multidisciplinary team approach in promoting the science of prevention, care and treatment of acute and chronic wounds. The primary function is to establish and monitor a national certification process, recognize competency, promote education/research, and elevate the standard of care across the continuum of would management. Currently the AAWM has certified over 3,200 individuals nationwide with the CWS® designation.

Tracy Winkley, Physical Therapist at Beauregard Memorial Hospital, has recently been accredited as a Certified Wound Specialist®. Board certification in wound management is achieved only through a rigorous process by the American Academy of Wound Management (AAWM). Certified Wound Specialists are an elite group of healthcare professionals involved in wound management.
The Wound Care Department is very experienced with even the most critical stages of wound care
Physical therapists have an in depth understanding of anatomy and physiology. The CWS® expands this knowledge base and are recognized as an authority in assessing and treating wounds. Physical therapists are on the front lines of wound management in many healthcare settings and treat patients in the most critical stages of wound care. By achieving the CWS® board certification, Tracy has become part of an interdisciplinary network of healthcare professionals, all dedicated to delivering, improving and advancing the practice of wound care. As a CWS®, Tracy will demonstrate a dedication to the highest standards in wound care, essential in the development of a comprehensive wound management program.